Engagement Photoshoot, Samantha and Kerr

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18 March 2018.

Samantha and Kerr booked me up back in 2016 for their wedding this year. I will be spending the day there, to fully document the special day. This brings me to the Engagement photoshoot. On my all day package, I offer an engagement photography session.


Engagement photoshoots, with all day wedding packages

Well, it’s not only to get used to having a camera pointed at you, but it’s an opportunity for you to capture this part of your relationship. On this occasion I was asked to take photographs at Cove Bay harbour, the south of Aberdeen. This venue was chosen by the couple, they would go for walks here and they had also grown up around the area.

This is a great time to try various ideas and for everyone to relax. At this point, it’s always the guys that are more tense (I was the same during my engagement shoot, I always prefer to be behind the lens) I always say to everyone I photograph don’t worry about me on the day, go and enjoy it. Believe me, I’m married to my wonderful wife and we both know what it’s like. You’ll have enough going on without thinking about me!

Aberdeen being Aberdeen, it rained halfway during our session. The pink umbrella comes to the rescue, improvising and photographing in the rain is nothing new to me. Check out the selection and if you’re reading this and looking for more information on my wedding packages, check out the link below.

Thanks again to the couple.

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