Mad Max Style Photography

Mad Max Style Shoot

Aberdeen harbour, blue and yellow filters

What a day, what a lovely day... 

Got up to a roasting sunny Saturday so decided to take some photos down the beach and harbour. It was 24 degrees, it was 9am, it was too hot.

Ever since the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, I've wanted to tip my cap to the cameramen and colourists from the film, by creating something in my own, yet similar style. I grabbed the tripod and my new camera filters and set out for a bit of fun. 

Experimenting with Mad Max style photography...

It took a while to get the set up right, after a couple of test shots I had the effect I was looking for. Deep blue to bright yellow filter over the backdrop of some Aberdeen landmarks. 

The print of Pittodrie is currently for sale at my online store, there are more shots of Pittodrie on my Sports portfolio page.



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